Develop Diverse is one of the best impact startups in the Nordics

We just got this inspiring news from the Norrsken Foundation, a Swedish impact investor: “Develop Diverse is within #theimpact100. That means you’re one of the best Nordic Impact Startups, building a business to solve societal and environmental problems!In other words, what you are doing is pretty amazing and something that we want to celebrate and share […]

Diversity is about real people – be mindful of inviting everyone

Diversity in hiring is more than just a buzzword. It is more than a philosophy or a concept or a trend, too. It’s about real people and real companies, it’s about improving the quality of lives, businesses and society in the long run. Fully understanding this, we have set out to collect real-world data about […]

My TED talk

My personal life and career have been developing greatly, especially in the past two years when I decided to start the entrepreneur journey to make a difference and live the life I wanted. The lesson that helped me the most during this journey was the one taught to me by my mentor Hans. He helped me […]

Discover your stereotypes and use the right words