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Key benefits

Klokke Science-based Text Editor

Improve your content with instant feedback.

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Klokke Template Library

Build easily your own template library and reuse your best content.

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Klokke Collaboration Made Easy

Set up teams in the platform and work together on content creation.

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Klokke Unlimited Users

Have as many users as you like, each in different user roles based on their needs.

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Klokke Inclusivity Monitor Assistant

Get your own assistant that keeps track of all your published job ads.

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Klokke Analytics Improves Visibility

Eliminate guesswork in inclusive hiring with rich and unique data.

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Highlights Biased Words & Suggests Alternatives

Intelligent highlighting of words and sentences that should be avoided. AI is Trained in public science and research within the field of sociology and psycholinguistics.

 Detect biased words and sentences

Suggests appropriate alternatives

Based on scientific research 

English, Danish & Swedish languages supported.

Sample of Bias detection

Reuse from Template Library

Save best practices and optimized job ads in our job ads template library. Reuse job ads for similar roles, and help increase the Job ADs quality 

Build up best practices templates 

Easily reuse from the library 

Templates Image
Collaboration Final Image

Collaborate with Teams and Hiring Managers

Organize your people in teams and collaborate. Learn from your colleagues, and reuse best practices. Share with hiring managers, and keep track of the workflow 

Share and collaborate with hiring managers 

Collaborate and reuse within the team 

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Invite your Co-workers from All Departments

No need for a lengthy onboarding process. It’s easy for everyone to use and access.

Unlimited users in your platform. Invite everyone from People & Culture to Marketing & Communication.

Different user roles and permissions ready for different types of user.

Always stay up-to-date by tracking the history of your content, including who made updates and what changes were made.

Automate Tasks with The Inclusivity Monitor Assistant

Automatically scan all publicly available job ads and analyze their inclusivity scores.

Eliminate the need for manual checks of published job ads.

Automatically identify and assign the authors of job ads, and notify them about areas for improvement.

Realtime insights about status of all public job ads 

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Insights that Matter

Get Insights on your organizations inclusive communication. Set company goals and support teams to constantly improve.   

  • Set inclusivity targets and monitor performance
  • See progress over time & areas of improvements
  • Receive reports directly in your inbox.   
Insights Image develop diverse


Compare your organizational performance with 100+ other customers. See if you are above average in working with inclusive communication 

  • Benchmark inclusivity performance 
  • Benchmark by job seniority 
  • Understand problem areas 

Our customers are making real impact


Increase in overall qualified candidates.


Increase in qualified female applicants.


Increase in qualified male applicants.
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We are Your DEI Partner

Adopting Inclusive writing broadly in an organization can be hard. Bias training and education is key to understand why it matters. Our team of experts will aid you navigate and educate for the best possible implementation.


Education and workshops in unconscious bias and inclusive recruiting. Providing support for organizational alignment and understanding.

Onboarding & Training

We hold your hand in the implementation of Develop Diverse. We train administrators and train users for effective implementation of our software.

Want to see Develop Diverse in action?

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