Meet the Inclusivity Monitor Assistant: Always Analyzing Your Public Job Ads

With this tool, your recruitment team can be confident that every published job ad is top-performing and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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How the Inclusivity Monitor Assistant works

All published job ads will be automatically scanned daily to analyze their inclusivity scores and identify areas for improvement.

Authors will be notified about low-performing job ads, which makes it easier for them to improve the quality of published job ads

The dashboard will identify low-performing job ads, provide suggestions for improvement, and track the overall inclusivity score for executive reporting.

How it makes an impact

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Eliminates the need for manual checks of published job ads. 


Ensures all job ads align with your inclusivity target and company guidelines. 


Helps the recruitment team to streamline their processes, maintain inclusivity standards, and enhance the overall candidate experience. 


Provides clear metrics and insights to track progress and identify areas for improvement. 


Simplifies inclusivity management across various company locations. 

The Inclusivity Monitor Assistant
is designed to help everyone


 Highlights areas for improvement and notifies authors

 Provides actionable improvement insights and nudges users instantly when issues arise

Improves candidate experience and increases the number of qualified applications

 Easily track personal and team performance towards inclusivity goals

Talent Acquisition leaders

 Dashboard overview of performance on all published job ads 

 Executive-level KPIs showcasing public inclusivity performance

 Easily update team members with a single click when job ad issues arise

 Reach team and company hiring goals

Attract more applicants

Identify and eliminate biased language or unintentional exclusionary phrases from job ads.

Reduce hiring costs

Use language that emphasizes skills over specific backgrounds to attract a wider range of qualified candidates.

Improve employer branding

Inclusive job ads is essential for creating a positive perception of your organization.

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