Why was Develop Diverse founded?

Many agree that by making everyone aware of their own unconscious biases we can change how gender and other social categories are perceived and represented in the workplace. However, getting rid of the unconscious bias implies a mentality change, which requires 100 more years to be achieved. Develop Diverse has been founded with the purpose of building a tech platform for helping recruiters speed up the process of achieving gender balance and diversity in their workplace. This technology focuses on removing stereotypes in recruitment and communication content to make all the language inclusive and thus enabling recruiters hire talent efficiently.

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Develop Diverse

We are a team of enthusiastic and creative language and sociology specialists and skilled programmers who have created a solid framework to filter out stereotypic language to make sure your real message does not get buried under unfortunately chosen words.

Develop Diverse is the world’s first software tool that automatically analyses stereotypic content for gender, age and ethnicity in texts and proposes non-stereotypic alternatives. Thus, allowing HR and communication managers making their recruitment and communication content inclusive and thus helping them reach a wider and more diverse talent pool that also shares their company’s vision and values.

Our vision is to help companies make diversity the new norm in every company, thus helping them to be more sustainable and successful and demonstrating that talent is not specific to gender, age or ethnicity.

The Founder

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Develop Diverse’s CEO and Founder is NAME. S/he holds a PhD in Chemistry and Technology Development and has +8 years of experience as project leader in industry. His/Her career developed in four different countries and was focused, first, on developing tech platforms for high-throughtput screenings of drugs for biomedical applications. And after 10 years, his/her drive for gender balance and diversity expanded his/her interest to cognitive gender and stylistics. This resulted in him/her founding Develop Diverse. NAME is a natural-born leader, thrives on challenges, and has a strong internal drive. S/he has a great instinct for innovation and high-level of rationality as proven by his/her experience as researcher. S/he is the VP of Balance Leadership in PWN Copenhagen, gives scientific-based webinars and talks about how to tackle the unconscious bias in the workplace using tech.

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