You can now detect unconscious bias in Swedish texts

We are happy to announce that companies can now scan their Swedish texts for bias with Develop Diverse.

Companies like Telia, COWI, Danske Bank, Elgiganten and Vestas are already using Develop Diverse to optimize job descriptions and other communications material in the English and Danish language and see great results of up to 3 times more applicants overall.    

The solution is available in English and Danish, and is now launched in Swedish to support Swedish companies in increasing the inclusivity of their communication.  

CEO & Co-founder, Jenifer Clausell-Tormos, Ph.D. says: “Even though English is used in Swedish organizations, from speaking with many organizations we saw the need for a solution to support inclusive communication in Swedish language as well, as many large organizations in Sweden understandably have their primary communication in Swedish”   

In a world where diversity is moving beyond buzz words and trends, Sweden needs its own tools and ways to not be left behind when it comes to diversity, equality, and inclusion. 

With Develop Diverse you can reduce bias in recruitment and promote inclusive workspaces that are welcoming to diverse talent. This way, organizations can empower the advancement of experts from underrepresented backgrounds, while providing positive role models for further development.  

Bias originates in the pre-existing stereotypes of the society that we were born in, and in mindsets, we develop throughout life, as a result. Unfortunately, these biases are continuously reinforced by our language, as well. When we use biased language in our company communication, we affect candidates’ feeling of belonging and the appeal to work with us. Therefore, avoiding biased content in our job openings, websites, social media, and internal communication, is key to building a diverse workplace and retaining diverse talent.   

“We can see clear improvements in the diversity of our customers’ company culture”, says Jenifer Clausell-Tormos, CEO of Develop Diverse.  

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