5 strategies to reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire in talent acquisition


Hiring is time-consuming — and time is money. According to 2022 data from SHRM, bringing a new employee onboard and bringing them up to speed can cost between three to four times their salary. Meanwhile, a lengthy time-to-hire can add an even greater cost burden, because when a role sits open, it means your team […]

How to attract diverse talent in competitive markets

attracting diverse talent

In today’s fast-paced environment for business, speed — and deep pockets — are often of the essence when it comes to hiring. And as the market for talent grows increasingly competitive, it’s becoming even harder to turn heads during the recruitment process. For organisations committed to their DEI goals, recruiting in this environment can be […]

Writing inclusive job ads – best practices with examples


The words you use in a job ad can say a lot about your organisation. Every time a candidate reads your job advert, their brains are busily sorting through the words and skills that tell them what the role is. They’re sifting through phrases like ‘energetic worker’ and ‘coding ninja’, and interpreting what your organisation […]

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