How to Measure DEI Success? – 6 Key Metrics

DEI metrics

In modern organisations, data is critical. We use it everywhere from Finance to Compliance, Sales, and Customer Success to make decisions, identify problems, and improve processes. But one place where organisations often trip up on their data is with DEI — because it’s not always as clear-cut as measuring revenue, profits, or customer retention. Without […]

Why inclusive images on your company website are important for diversity and inclusion

inclusive images

Every second we spend on the internet, we’re being bombarded with images. You might not notice most of them as you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, your online grocery shop, or even applying for a new role. However, for people from marginalised groups, each image represents an opportunity to feel exclusion and discrimination. And when […]

Breaking the glass ceiling: Strategies for building a more diverse leadership team

Diverse Leadership Team

Leadership has always struggled with a diversity problem. Back in 2015, data shows there were more CEOs named John in US companies than women CEOs. But it wasn’t until 2023, almost a decade later, when women CEOs finally managed to break the ‘John’ ceiling. So, have we finally made progress towards breaking the glass ceiling […]

Strategies for gaining organisational buy-in for diversity and inclusion

organisational buy-in

When we’re talking about DEI, we often hear the word ‘buy-in’ a lot. And while it might sound like business jargon, the simple truth is that without the right support and resources across your entire organisation, your well-intentioned DEI efforts may not come to fruition. Getting buy-in, and establishing diversity and inclusion as a strategic […]

Why intersectionality matters for creating an inclusive workplace


Humans have always liked giving things labels — even other people. And when we’re talking DEI, that can lead us into a few snags. “We have this habit as a society of putting people into simplistic boxes when it comes to their identity,” explains Alex HL Taylor, DEIB researcher and intersectionality specialist at the University […]

DEI Maturity Model – How to evaluate your organization’s level of DEI maturity?


It’s often said that building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organisation is an ongoing journey, not a finite process. And while continuous improvement is key to increasing your organisation’s overall sense of belonging, it’s hard to know where to start on implementing positive changes without first knowing where you’re starting from. If you set big […]

How to measure the impact of inclusive communication

measuring impact

How we communicate at work matters. Every word and every sentence we share — whether written or said — gets interpreted and understood depending on who the recipient is and how they identify. And because we’re communicating all the time, there’s a lot of room for what we say to be misunderstood. Inclusive communication can […]

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