Why employer brand matters for attracting and retaining top talent

Employer brand

In today’s competitive market for talent, your employer brand says a lot about you. 

It tells candidates who you are as a company, and what you stand for. It gives them insight into your culture. And critically, it helps them decide whether they want to work for you or not. 

In this context, a good employer brand is critical for attracting and retaining top talent. But building an inclusive employer brand is even more important for building a company that will be successful long-term. 

Here’s why.

Why inclusive employer branding is your competitive advantage for talent

Employer branding refers to how organisations market themselves to potential employees. It has two key purposes: Attracting new talent to the company, and retaining existing talent.

It includes all of the processes and components of your recruitment strategy, including:

  • Your careers website
  • The accessibility and inclusivity of your job application process
  • How quickly you respond to candidates in your recruitment funnel
  • What leaders and employees post on social media, and how they interact with others
  • Social media reviews, like Glassdoor


In a competitive market for talent, your employer branding can make or break your ability to hire, full stop. But inclusive employer branding doesn’t just make your organisation more attractive to underrepresented candidates, it makes it more attractive to everyone.

According to 2022 data, 70% of candidates say that clear initiatives around DEI make a company more attractive.

“Inclusive branding sends a clear message: ‘We value diversity and are committed to creating an environment where everyone, from every background, is welcomed, respected, and has an equal opportunity to succeed’,” explains Tara Furiani, HR expert and CEO of Tarabull Media.

“It’s a powerful magnet for talented individuals who may otherwise feel sidelined in the traditional corporate landscape. It also boosts your reputation as a forward-thinking, socially conscious organisation, which can be a significant competitive advantage.

“On the flip side, non-inclusive employer branding can have a detrimental effect,” Tara adds. “It can deter top talent from underrepresented groups from applying or accepting offers, limiting the diversity and potential innovation within your team. It also risks damaging your company’s reputation, potentially alienating customers, partners, and existing employees who value inclusivity.”

6 practical tips to build an inclusive employer brand

Building a more inclusive employer brand isn’t a switch you can flick on or off. It’s a long-term commitment that needs to align with your wider DEI strategy — and it needs to accurately reflect your organisation’s values, as well as your current levels of diversity and inclusion. 

But there are a few practical actions you can implement to get started building a more inclusive employer brand that attracts and retains the best talent. 

Here are six best practice tips: 

  1. Prioritise leadership communication on DEI: “Visible support from your leadership can set the tone for the entire company,” Tara says. “Regularly communicate your commitment to diversity and inclusion from the highest levels of your organisation.” Make sure this message follows through across your mission, values, social media, and any candidate-facing content.
  2. Showcase inclusive policies and benefits: As part of your recruitment process, highlight what makes you stand out as an inclusive employer. Inclusive policies and benefits, like flexible work arrangements, mental health support, and caregiver or parental leave demonstrate that you care about supporting folks with a range of needs.
  3. Create transparent reporting on DEI: DEI is about people, not metrics. But reporting on your progress — even if you acknowledge you have room to grow — communicates to prospective candidates that you’re committed, Tara says: “Share diversity and inclusion metrics publicly. This kind of transparency can enhance trust in your organisation’s commitment to inclusivity.”
  4. Show what actions you’ve taken on DEI: Along with reporting, show the actions you’ve taken to improve DEI at your organisation on your careers website. Make sure candidates and employees know what processes, tooling, or policy changes you’ve made to become a more inclusive and equitable organisation. But remember to be transparent about your progress, too. It’s better to say you’re a work in progress than mislead candidate expectations.
  5. Collaborate with diverse organisations: Making an impact beyond your organisation can be an important way to not only source new talent, but show your commitment. “Partner with universities, community organisations, or professional groups that cater to diverse populations,” Tara says. “This can show that you are actively seeking diverse talent and are committed to fostering inclusivity beyond your organisation’s walls.”
  6. Implement inclusive language in job adverts and on your careers site: The language in your job advert can be a red flag if it’s not inclusive. “Make sure job advertisements don’t discourage underrepresented groups from applying,” Tara suggests. “For example, avoid requiring qualifications that aren’t necessary for the job, as this can disproportionately exclude certain groups.”
  7. Review your visual branding: It’s not just about the words on the page — non-inclusive imagery can also deter candidates from applying. “Visual branding featuring diverse employees can signal a welcoming environment,” says Tara. “Conversely, homogeneous imagery and non-inclusive language can create the impression of a monocultural environment that doesn’t value diversity, which could discourage potential applicants.”

Get started building an inclusive employer brand with Develop Diverse

How you communicate as an employer sets the tone for a candidate’s potential future relationship with you. Getting the language right on your job adverts, careers site, and communication is essential to creating a diverse, inclusive organisation that stays, long-term. 

Develop Diverse is an inclusive communication platform that helps organisations including Maersk Tankers, Danske Bank, and Vestas scale their recruitment efforts and recruit the best talent. Find out more with a demo from our team today:

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