How To Write Good Job Ads By Avoiding Corporate Clichés

Have you ever recycled an old job ad or found inspiration from other job descriptions out there in lack of time and inspiration? Join the club.  Job ads are one of the least evolved tools in recruiting. They are often filled with non-inclusive language, little creativity and corporate clichés that bore the reader.  At the […]

The impact of unconscious bias in recruitment — and how to overcome it

unconscious bias

If we think about it, the hiring process never really was built equally for everyone. Part of the problem is that it’s always relied on humans — and humans are notoriously biased. We’re biased about what kind of names we expect to see on a CV, for example. We’re biased about the type of person […]

Creating a culture of awareness: How to address unconscious bias in the workplace

unconscious bias in the workplace

Over the last few years, organisations globally have become single-minded in their efforts to eliminate unconscious bias from their processes and practices. And while this effort is well-intentioned, research is showing that the investment might not be paying off. So what works when it comes to increasing awareness on unconscious bias — and how can […]

The science behind unconscious bias: How it impacts diversity and inclusion

unconscious bias

Each day, we make around 35,000 decisions. Whether we’re making breakfast, mapping the best commute to work, or choosing a TV show to watch, our brains spend our waking hours busily weighing up which action to take. Lots of these decisions are conscious — but many happen automatically. We know immediately, for example, that it’s […]

Writing inclusive job ads – best practices with examples


The words you use in a job ad can say a lot about your organisation. Every time a candidate reads your job advert, their brains are busily sorting through the words and skills that tell them what the role is. They’re sifting through phrases like ‘energetic worker’ and ‘coding ninja’, and interpreting what your organisation […]

How to create an inclusive hiring experience for LGBTQIA+ applicants

LGBTQIA+ applicants

According to EU data, one in five LGBTQIA+ experienced discrimination at work in 2019. Transgender applicants are over twice as likely to experience discrimination in the hiring process compared to cisgender candidates. In the US, 25% of employees haven’t disclosed their gender identity or sexual orientation to anyone at work. “Organisations should strive to make […]

Why targeting certain people won’t improve inclusion

targeting people

When you’re trying to build a more diverse and inclusive organisation, it’s often tempting to start with recruiting for where your biggest representation gaps are. But recruiting to improve your workforce composition can be a slow process — especially if you’re struggling to reach the right groups of candidates through your usual channels.  And while […]

How to create an inclusive hiring experience for applicants with disabilities

For people with disabilities, there are barriers to inclusion everywhere. Sometimes they’re physical barriers, like not being able to get into buildings or facilities. But a lot of the time, people with disabilities experience attitudinal, communication, policy, transportation, and social barriers, too. In the workplace, both of these often exist simultaneously, often without organisations realising […]

How to Build a Neurodiverse Workplace? (Strategies and Tips)

Building a workplace that prioritizes a neurodiverse friendly environment is not just the right thing to do, it’s a strategic move that unlocks a wider talent pool and encourages a culture of innovation and growth. So, how to build a neurodiverse workplace? Build a neurodiverse workplace by creating inclusive hiring practices (clear job postings, multiple […]

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