Attract more qualified candidates with effective and inclusive job ads.

Write inclusive job ads and employer branding content with our inclusive writing platform and attract more candidates.

Available in English, Swedish, and Danish.

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Impact our customers have seen

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How it works

Develop Diverse Bias Detection Graphics

Write Inclusive Language

Our Inclusive Writing Platform detects biased words and sentences and suggests inclusive and non-stereotypic alternatives. 

Remove bias from job ads and employer branding content, and appeal to more audiences.


Tap into hidden Talent Pools

Our software highlights dicouraging wordings towards gender, age, ethnicity, neurodiversity, and physical disability. We suggest alternative and inclusive phases that will appeal to larger audiences. 


Built on Proven Research

We trained our AI model on datasets built on public research and scientific articles within sociology and psycholinguistics. Scientific research that explains how social stereotypes unconsciously influence our written and spoken language, and how our unconscious mind responds to that. 

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How Unconscious Bias affects hiring and what to do about it

Unconscious bias is dangerous. Most are not aware about the perception and possible exclusion by using non inclusive phrases.. Don’t discourage candidates from applying.

Why Inclusive Writing Software for Recruiting?


Applicants Get Discouraged from Applying

50% Reduction in qualified job applications due stereotypical and non inclusive language


Words Can Discourage Applicants

0,6% stereotypical words are all it takes for an applicant to choose not to apply. Thats only 5 words in a job ad.

Solutions for HR Professionals

Use Case

For Inclusive Recruiting

  • Attract more qualified candidates
  • Improve workflow with hiring managers
  • Write inclusive job ads faster

Use Case

For Inclusive Branding

  • Position your brand well for all candidate groups
  • Fast-check all your content
  • Elevate your perception

What our customers say​

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