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Strong candidate or Talented candidate?

Sales wizard or Sales specialist?

Competitive team player or Motivated team member?

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Workplace diversity through inclusive communication

Inclusive language will bring you…

The right candidates

Diverse candidates

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Faster hiring & Saving resources


The right candidates

It is easy to fall into the trap of the latest trends or business clichés when it comes to wording your job ads. Are you sure you are looking for a strong candidate when, really, who you want is a talented candidate? Or a sales wizard when, really, who you want is a sales specialist? Or a competitive team player when, really, who you want is a motivated team member?

We at Develop Diverse can help you get rid of the wrong words in your job ads and other communication content to avoid discouraging more than half of your potential candidates from applying. And with our expertise, you will also be able to get the applicants who share your company’s vision and values.

Diverse candidates

These wrong words reflect social stereotypes and have been shown to decrease the appeal of job ads to applicants due to their gender and other social categories. The use of non-stereotypic wording will allow you to increase your total number of applicants while experiencing an increase in the populations you have been filtering out, e.g. women. In particular, when using our tool, companies have seen an increase by up to 20% of women applicants and by up to 30% of the total number of applicants. In addition, companies with greater ethnic and gender diversity in leading positions have shown to be 35% higher-performing financially than homogeneous companies in the same industry.

Faster hiring & Saving resources

We know the great amount of time it requires to get enough talented applicants that are also a good cultural fit. Learning how to identify stereotypes in recruitment and communication content would make the process disproportionately longer unless you can delegate that task or have software do it for you. This idea is what brought us to build this tool. We want you to find the right talents in a shorter time, so you can hire quality while saving time in hiring and gaining time to focus on your own customers and employees.

Diversity and Inclusion result in…

  • Innovation


    Companies with better decision-making and problem-solving skills.

  • Employee retention

    Employee retention

    Companies with higher employee engagement because they effectively capitalize on the strengths of their diverse employees and leverage their differences and unique values.

  • Productivity


    Companies that statistically outperform their peers by 80% in team-based assessments.

  • Customer base

    Customer base

    Companies with a better market understanding.

  • Scientific research

    Scientific research

    Companies with higher-quality scientific research.

  • Profitability


    Companies that outperform financially their respective industry peers by 35%.

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