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Diverse workforce

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Invite the right candidates

We at Develop Diverse can help you get rid of the unconscious bias in your job adverts to attract a broader range of applicants who share your company’s vision, mission and values, so you can choose the most fitting talent to fill your vacancies.

It is easy to fall into the trap of the latest trends when it comes to wording your job ads. Are you sure you are looking for ninjas or snipers when, really, who you want is a skilled programmer or a talent recruiter with a keen eye to enrich your team? You may be unaware just how much such language can discourage more than half of your potential candidates from applying… and there is much more to uncover.

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Build a diverse workforce

Did you know that a company with a greater ethnic and gender diversity in leading positions has a 30% higher chance to financially outperform the more homogeneous companies of the same industry? In addition to the long-term benefits for your company, you will also be able to fill vacancies faster and choose from more applicants to make sure you find the best fit.

Sadly, you cannot hire people that never applied to your position. We at Develop Diverse know exactly where you discourage that talent as early in the recruitment process as formulating your job advert. We can edit your text so that it is equally appealing to everyone with the right qualifications and the right vision, no matter who reads it.

Save time and energy

It takes a great amount of time, energy and training to learn just where bias affects communication and how to identify and replace it, and that is why we offer you our services. With our method, you will find better fitting candidates from a more diverse background who share the same vision, mission and values as your company.

Our help will also speed up the hiring process, so you can fill your vacancies as fast as possible and can focus on all the other tasks waiting for you in your busy work days. Our pilot study has shown that with the combined use of our tool and consultancy, the applicant pool was 20% more balanced in terms of gender and an average of 22% more candidates applied in total.

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Positive Benefits of a Talented and Diverse Workforce

  • Innovation


    People with more diverse sources of information generate consistently better ideas, thus leading to better decision-making and problem-solving skills.

  • Employee retention

    Employee retention

    Companies that effectively capitalize on the strengths of diverse employees and leverage their differences and unique values have the most engaged employees.

  • Productivity


    Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business, statistically outperform their peers by 80% in team-based assessments.

  • Customer base

    Customer base

    When competing in the global market, or wanting to expand the customer heterogeneity, companies with a diverse workforce have a better market understanding.

  • Scientific research

    Scientific research

    Research groups with higher ethnic diversity appear to lead to higher- quality scientific research.

  • Profitability


    Companies with the most women and racial diversity in the corporate leadership outperform financially their respective industry peers with the least diversity by 15 % and 35%, respectively.

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