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Develop Diverse's DEI Platform solves your employee attraction & retention challenges with proven results.

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Today's competitive market demands diverse talent,

but outdated employer branding and hidden biases can hinder your efforts.

Struggling to attract diverse talent?

Ineffective employer branding and biased language limit your candidate pool and hinder growth. 

High employee turnover costing you money?

Biased internal communication can lead to dissatisfaction and retention issues.

Empty diversity promises damaging your reputation?

Biased communication can make you miss your diversity targets and this in turn will damage your reputation.

How Does Develop Diverse Assist in Employer Branding?

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OUR Solutions

Attracting More Candidates

Craft bias-free career pages, emails, newsletters etc. attracting a wider talent pool. Our last 5 impact reports showed an average increase of 54% in total applications after using Develop Diverse. 

Increasing Retention

Build an inclusive workplace with our platform and training, fostering employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Aiding you to Stand Out as a Diversity Leader

Gain recognition with improved employer rankings and positive candidate perception. When using buzzwords and jargon has become the norm, use uncommon yet unbiased words to stand out.  

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Showing Data-Driven Insights

  • Measure your progress with our platform’s analytics dashboard, making it easier to align with your KPIs. 
  • Share tangible actions based on the insights to create a welcoming environment, showcasing genuine commitment. 
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Going Beyond Writing Platform

Access workshops, consultancy, and onboarding sessions to empower your team and build a truly inclusive culture. 

And See how Develop Diverse can transform your employer branding.

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