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Attract Great Talent, Build Diverse Teams

Our AI-powered platform helps you write inclusive job descriptions, removing hidden biases and attracting diverse talent that fuels your growth.

Building diverse teams is crucial for performance but



because –

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  • Minority candidates often shy away from applying due to biased job descriptions.  
  • Hiring managers lack awareness of their language’s bias and struggle to write inclusive job postings.  
  • It takes much time and effort to detect biased words and replace those with meaningful, attractive, and unbiased words.  

How Does Develop Diverse Assist in Inclusive Hiring?

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We assist you in creating inclusive job descriptions effortlessly and quickly. 

 With our platform you can –

Effortless Inclusive Writing

Write Bias-Free Job Descriptions in Minutes

  • Uncover Hidden Biases: Identify unintentional bias in your job ads with our AI scan and get a “Diversity Score” for instant feedback.  
  • Get Inclusive Alternatives: Our AI offers inclusive language suggestions, ensuring your ads resonate with a broader talent pool.  
  • Start from Template Library: Jumpstart your writing with pre-built, inclusive job description templates for various roles and industries.  
  • Embrace Collaborative Writing: Develop team knowledge by building and sharing inclusive hiring practices together through our collaboration features.  
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Measure & Optimize Your DEI Hiring

  • Get Real-Time Insights: Get actionable feedback on your inclusivity efforts with account, team, and company-level insights. Understand where you need to work in the hiring process.  
  • Benchmark Against Peers: Compare your performance to other Develop Diverse users and understand your DEI text generation standing while also getting a glance at your attractiveness.   
  • Track Progress & Impact: Monitor your journey with clear metrics and data visualization, seeing how your inclusivity efforts and team performance evolve over time.
Diversity At Core

Build an Inclusive Culture

  • Utilize Expert Resources: Deepen your understanding with diverse guides, articles, and webinars on inclusive hiring best practices.  
  • Find Dedicated Support: Our team provides ongoing support and guidance to enable you to implement and refine your DEI strategy.  
  • Participate in Comprehensive Training: Invest in your team’s growth with workshops and programs equipping them to champion diversity and inclusion.  

Reach wider talent pools and attract diverse candidates who resonate with your values. Showcase your commitment to inclusivity, stand out from the competitors.

Why Choose Us?​

Deeper Impact

Address DEI at every level, from communication to company culture, for lasting change.

Enhanced Employer Branding

Stand out as a leader in DEI and attract global talent from diverse backgrounds.

Sustainable Progress

Empower your team with the tools and skills to maintain inclusive practices.

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Ready to go beyond writing and embrace true inclusion?

Contact us today and explore how our services can help you achieve your DEI goals. 

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