Misogynoir refers to the dislike of, contempt for, or hatred against black women, typically exhibited by both non-black and black men. 

What is misogynoir?

Misogynoir originates from the term misogyny which refers to a deep-rooted prejudice and hatred towards women. However, misogynoir takes this concept further by specifically addressing the experiences of black women within the framework of racism and sexism. The term was coined in 2010 by black feminist Moya Bailey. 

Misogynoir represents the intersection of racism and sexism, addressing anti-Black discrimination that targets both cisgender black women and transgender women. 

As a concept, it is still its infancy but shows how different social identities intersect within systems that are marginalizing and oppressive. Some of these identities include race, gender and sexual orientation.

Misogynoir – misogyny, racism and sexism

Misogynoir is a subtype of misogyny that deals specifically with racial and gender prejudice towards black women. It is fueled by toxic stereotypes that generally perceive black women as angry and strong or hypersexual.  

Misogynistic attitudes towards black women are common in both non-black and black patriarchies. However, it is most commonly used to describe the misogyny that black women experience from within the black community, particularly from black men. 

As with misogyny in general, this is a form of sexism used to keep black women at an inferior social status in order to preserve the traditional roles of patriarchy. Sometimes it can manifest in obvious ways through aggression and violence. Other times, it is more subtle, in the form of microaggressions, dismissive attitudes or objectification.

Types of misogynoir

Misogynoir can take shape in many different forms. Here are some examples: 

Examples of misogynoir

Misogynistic attitudes towards black women are often expressed through obvious derogatory comments, sexist humor or jokes, but they can also be quite insidious and subtle. Some examples of misogynoir include:

Misogyny against black women in the workplace

The intersectionality of sexism and racism in the workplace has not been fully recognized in policies that address inclusivity. The fact that a black woman can face a specific type of misogyny due to her race, gender and sexuality is a fairly new concept but has been a problem for a very long time. 

Recognizing the issue and committing to a program that addresses this problem specifically is a key step towards eliminating misogynoir in the workplace.

Here are some tips:


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