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Creating equal opportunities through inclusive communication

Our vision

Wordkind aspires to create a more inclusive, welcoming place where all kinds of people have equal opportunities. 

Our name is a conscious reminder of how to get there. Words matter, so choose your words kindly.

What we fight against in our pursuit for what's right


All around us, we see how inequality and discrimination divide and weaken our well-being and society. Our purpose is rooted in helping reduce the inequality that is reinforced through language and communication.

Social Bias

Our words reflect our worlds, and people are beginning to recognize the unconscious biases that we all carry. These biases can be used to suppress opportunity and create inequalities in our every day, which stifles innovation, growth, and success for all people.


Promises of social change without accountability are empty. People are wising up to the tricks and trade-offs that companies employ when it comes to diversity and inclusion, rightfully calling out those who only look to check-off boxes.

Quick Fixes

Inclusion means challenging stereotypes and biases, not reinforcing them through targeted tech. Diversity and inclusion goals can’t be achieved with one simple solution but through ongoing effort and growing awareness.

Our diversity numbers

Our inclusive culture and leadership help our customers to be successful, innovative, and sustainable. At Wordkind we foster an environment where everyone’s opinion counts and is appreciated for adding value, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and identity, physical & mental ability, age, ethnicity, or religion.

Join our journey

Join us on our exciting journey to help people improve their communication.

Our Founders

We’re paving the way for a resolution to any exclusion. Until then, we will never know rest! ​

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos (she/her)

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos (she/her) holds a Ph.D. in Technology Development. She held positions both at universities and in the industry as a scientific researcher. In her career, she first leveraged tech to accelerate the process of finding new medicines. After 10 years, her drive for gender balance and diversity brought her to use her tech expertise to close the gender and diversity gap by founding Wordkind. For 4 years+, Jenifer has been a researcher, speaker, and trainer in the field of Diversity & Inclusion.

TEDx speaker and Thinkers50Radar 2021
Cartier Women’s Initiative fellow 2021.

Pil Byriel (she/her)

Pil Byriel (she/her) holds an M.A. in International Business Communications and Organizational Behaviour. She has more than 7 years of experience in International Sales and Business Development leadership with a strong focus on building long-term positive customer relationships. Pil’s experience from advising organizations on their employee engagement efforts at Peakon emphasized the importance of building for diversity and inclusion, which brought her to join Wordkind as CSO and Co-founder. She is advising the International Women-in-Tech network on D&I. 

Posting a job ad? Spell-check for gender bias!

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos — TEDxOdenseWomen

Our awards

Top 3 Finalist 2021 Europe
Diversity Award Winner 2020

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Our Locations

We’re paving the way for a resolution to any exclusion. Until then, we will never know rest! ​

Copenhagen, Denmark
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