Sub-processorData processedCompany LocationData Location
HetznerHetzner is the hosting provider for Develop Diverse’s tool and everything behind it, including the tool itself and the database. This is where all user data (name, email address, company, password) are stored, as well as all the job ads. See their data policy here and their system policy hereGermanyGermany (Nuremberg, datacenter nbg1-dc3) 
One.comDevelop Diverse uses for file storage. Develop Diverse mostly stores their own created files like logos and algorithms on this server. Database backups with user data and job ads are also stored here, just as Analysis reports containing (anonymized) data and conclusions about customers. 
Find their product & privacy policy here
BitBucketBitBucket is the hosting provider for Develop Diverse’s source code. Develop Diverse does not store any sensitive user information on here. There are however algorithms and models stored that have been built using (anonymized) user data. 
Find their privacy policy here
MicrosoftDevelop Diverse uses Microsoft for multiple services:  
(1) Email and Communication services: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams. This includes internal communication about data and sensitive information. The individual user and admin reports also get sent via the Microsoft Outlook service. 
(2) File storage: OneDrive, SharePoint. Apart from any internal confidential files, this also includes production database backups and private datasets, analyses and user reports. 
Find Microsofts privacy policy here and their data compliance resources here
USAEuropean Union (Ireland and/or the Netherlands

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