Go Beyond Writing

Embrace Omnichannel DEI

Focusing Only on Writing Comes with Its Own Boundaries.

Limited Scope

Only Writing diverse can lead to inconsistent DEI efforts.

Hiring Hurdle

Despite writing diverse job descriptions, attracting and retaining diverse talent remains difficult.

Engagement Gap

Failing to fully involve your team will hinder developing a truly inclusive environment.

Writing inclusively is a crucial step, but,

True diversity and inclusion (DEI) go beyond individual words. At Develop Diverse, we offer a cluster of services designed to make your team conscious and build a lasting culture of inclusion across all channels.

Impact Report

Impact Reporting

Gain actionable data to refine your strategy, secure stakeholder buy-in, and attract top talent by sharing your success story. Impact reporting includes –

  • In depth data on team’s usage of Develop Diverse platform. E.g. most used words  
  • Analysis of the results derived from the usage of Develop Diverse. 
Onboarding Sessions

Onboarding Sessions

Ensure smooth integration of our writing software and facilitate a culture of inclusive language use within your organization. Onboarding session includes – 

  • Discussion on the impacts of DEI in today’s world 
  • Introduction to the concept of discouraging and stereotyping in language and to inclusive communication
  • Demonstration of success stories 
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Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to identify and eliminate unconscious bias in communication, recruitment, and everyday interactions. Workshops include – 

  • Learning session on the ‘Why’ of DEI 
  • Introduction to the concept of Unconscious Bias and How it impacts our daily life 
  • Team exercise in creating inclusive communication 
  • Analysis of Organization’s overall communication from DEI perspective  
  • Identification of opportunities to improve communication around DEI efforts and goals. 

Why Choose Us?​

Deeper Impact

Address DEI at every level, from communication to company culture, for lasting change.

Enhanced Employer Branding

Stand out as a leader in DEI and attract global talent from diverse backgrounds.

Sustainable Progress

Empower your team with the tools and skills to maintain inclusive practices.

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Ready to go beyond writing and embrace true inclusion?

Contact us today and explore how our services can help you achieve your DEI goals. 

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