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Upgraded platform

The upgraded platform is ready for you to customize for the launch on Monday 22th of January. 

By default, the setup matches your current platform. However, for the best experience with the new features, you have the possibility to set up the upgraded platform. The setup takes less than 20 minutes.  

Step 1
Access to the upgraded platform

  • Visit app.developdiverse.com
  • Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO) is activated.
    Log in using the “Sign in with Microsoft” option.
  • Microsoft SSO is not activated.
    Log in with your username and password.
    Forgot your password? Reset it by clicking on this link.
Update URL in documentation and bookmarks
Note the change from dd-scan.com to app.developdiverse.com. Ensure you update the URL in existing documentation or bookmarks. Forgot to update a link? No problem – we’ve ensured that after the migration, all old URLs will redirect to the upgraded platform.

Step 2

Collaboration style & Inclusivity score target

  • Navigate to Account Settings by clicking on your avatar in the upper-right corner.
  • Under the header “Inclusive Writing”, there are two settings:
Collaboration Style
  • Select the collaboration style. This setting affects the accessibility of text entries in the platform:
    • Everyone in the organization can collaborate: All users can access all entries.
    • Collaboration happens only in teams: Each user can access text entries created by their team. Admins have access to all entries.
    • Everyone is kept private: Each user has access only to their own text entries. Admins have access to all entries, and managers have access to entries created by their team(s).
  • Save your settings by clicking on “Save changes” in the lower-right corner.
Note: The upgraded platform has the possibility to set up teams with owner. As soon as all your users are migrated to the upgraded platform, you can set up your teams.
Inclusivity Score Target
  • Select the inclusivity target. This target is utilized in reporting and identifies text entries that do not meet the set target.
  • Save your settings by clicking on “Save changes” in the lower-right corner.

Step 3

Set up regular reports on your organisation performance. The report includes the total number of created entries and the average inclusivity score in the selected period.

  • Navigate to Account Settings by clicking on your avatar in the upper-right corner.
  • Under the header, “Reporting” you set
    • Receivers 
      Who receive the reporting email, by adding the email address. The email address does not has to be of a user in the platform.
    • Report frequency
      How often the report is sent out: Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.


Step 4
Job Ad Templates

Build a job template library to share with colleagues and create faster high-performing job ads.

  • Go to Templates in the left navigation
  • Click on “Create a template”
  • Fill in the details
  • Copy / Paste the template inside the editor
  • Click on “Save template”
Note: After the transition, all the text entries created by your company will be available in the platform. Creating a new template from a job ad entry is simple: when you have the job ad entry open click on “Actions” and then on “Save as Template”.

Step 5
Corporate Terminology

Tailor the inclusivity analyses to the corporate terminology of your company.

  • Head to the left navigation to access the Corporate Terminology functionality.
  • Click on the “New Phrase” button located in the upper right corner.
  • Write the corporate phrase and select the language. Save the phrase by clicking “Create” or choose “Create & create another” to add multiple phrases consecutively.

Effect of Adding Corporate Terminology 
Any phrases added to the Corporate Terminology will be excluded from our analysis on biased language. In simpler terms, if biased language is detected but is part of your corporate terminology, it will not be highlighted or counted in the inclusivity score.

Step 6
Create users & teams

Invite users to the platform, assign user roles, and establish teams for seamless collaboration.

Add new users

  • Go to Users in the left navigation
  • Click on “New user” in the right upper corner. 
  • Fill in the name, email, team and the user role. 
  • Click “Create”

Create new teams

  • Go to Teams in the left navigation
  • Click on “New Team”
  • Fill in Team name, Owner and Members. 
  • Click on Create 

Now that you’ve completed these onboarding steps, you are all set to make the most out of the upgraded platform! If you have any questions or need support, feel free to reach out to us at support@developdiverse.com.

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