Develop Diverse Introduces Major Platform Upgrade

We have just released the largest upgrade to date. Write inclusive content easier and faster, support your organization’s workflows, and get better insight and benchmarks


Easy Collaboration

Work together with your team on inclusive high-quality content within our platform.

Sentence Rewrites

Substitute biased language with automatic inclusive sentence rewrites in one click.

Segmented Insights & Benchmarks

Get access to vastly improved insights dashboards on individual, team, and account levels. Benchmark against 100+ other companies.

Corporate Terminology

Customize to your organization’s corporate language. Add your core business terms on the platform to exclude those from the inclusion score.

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Rewrite Content Faster with Sentence Rewrites

Suggests three alternative non-biased sentences to replace biased language with a single click of a button.

Customize to your Corporate Terminology

Tailor your inclusivity analysis to match your company’s language, allowing you to stay on-brand and promote inclusivity.

Place your specific phrases and language in one location; these will be left out of bias detection and won’t affect your inclusivity score.

More Teamwork with easier Collaboration

Improve collaboration within teams. Teams can now effortlessly coordinate, enhance teamwork, and seamlessly collaborate on content, fostering a more efficient and productive workflow.

Deeper Insights & Benchmarks

Get a comprehensive overview of the entire organization, with the ability to drill down and examine both company, team, and individual performance. Set targets and monitor progress.

Track the adoption of inclusive practices within your team and organization.

Receive performance reports directly to your inbox.


Other Improvements

Improved User experience

Several areas in the product have been improved for a better user experience

Improved User Management

Easier set up users, assign roles and give permissions. Organize team members in teams, and have permisisons follow teams.

Improved SSO Setup

Single Sign On (SSO) is now possible to setup directly from the admin page for account administrators.

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