Inclusive Assistant

Ensure consistent inclusivity across all job postings with Develop Diverse's DEI Platform. With this feature, your recruitment team can be confident that every published job ad is top-performing and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Ensuring that all job ads live up to expectations can be hard.

Things can get lost in process deviating final outcome from the intention.

Candidates base their application decision on the job description they see.

Unconscious bias unintentionally limits your reach and attractiveness.

How Does the Inclusive Assistant Solve This?

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Inclusive Assistant Workflow

Giving Instant overview of actual candidate experience

Go beyond guesswork. The Inclusive Assistant analyzes your job ads from a candidate's perspective, revealing potential roadblocks.

Providing real time insights into job ad experience

Don't wait for applications to understand how well your job ads resonate. Get immediate feedback on factors like readability, inclusivity to attract talent.

Automating actions for improvements

Stop wasting time on manual checks. The Inclusive Assistant automatically identifies areas for improvement and assigns them to the author.

Give your recruiters a tool that
instantly highlights improvement areas.

Benefits For TA leaders

  • Get a complete overview of all public-facing job ads.
  • Drill down to understand specific areas for improvement.
  • Automate notifications to your team for faster edits.
  • Maximize qualified applications with inclusive job descriptions.

Benefits for Recruiters

  • Reduce system loss: Avoid lost in the process situations 
  • Better teamwork: Easier to get through to hiring managers.  
  • Validate own work: See where you are falling short and improve your work. 

And Improve your recruiting process today.

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