Increase team diversity through inclusive communication

Write inclusive hiring and employer branding content to attract the best candidates regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, neurodiversity and
physical disability.

Available in English, Swedish, and Danish.

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Why we are the best to help you attract and retain diverse talent

Inclusive Language

Develop Diverse focuses on inclusive writing instead of targeted writing. We ensure your words appeal to everyone who is qualified, enabling you to onboard a greater diversity of voices and develop a culture of inclusion.

How? Our inclusive writing platform detects biased words and suggests inclusive and non-stereotypic alternatives.


Educational Content

Develop Diverse allows you to understand the impact of your words and thus make an informed decision of what words to use.

For every indicated biased word, you can see what diverse groups will be discouraged by it. Besides, you get a unique and thorough explanation of “why” the word is biased based on scientific-research.


Scientific knowledge

Our writing platform has been built using in-house research and scientific articles within sociology and psycholinguistics to understand how social stereotypes unconsciously influence our written and spoken language.

Our technology also leverages AI technologies to keep with the continuous language evolution.

Why HR & Communication leaders love us



Develop Diverse users attract more diverse and qualified applicants



Develop Diverse is very easy to use, clear, and visually pleasing



Develop Diverse empowers users become conscious of their own unconscious bias

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How unconscious bias affects hiring and what to do about it

Our unconscious bias results in biased job descriptions and employer branding that excludes and discourages the best candidates.

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