Blind hiring is a practice that involves removing identifying information, such as name, gender, and race, from the hiring process. This helps reduce bias and promote diversity.

What is blind recruitment?

Blind recruitment, also known as blind hiring, is a process of hiring that aims to eliminate discrimination (conscious bias) or unconscious bias (also known as implicit bias) during the hiring process.

The practice involves removing identifying information about the candidates from resumes and applications. This includes:

What is name-blind recruitment?

Name blind recruitment is a term used to describe the same hiring process. The name derives from the fact that identifying information, such as a name, is hidden or “blinded” from the recruiter or hiring manager.

What is blind sifting?

Blind sifting is the recruitment practice that removes identifying information in the hiring process.

That way, the recruiter screens candidates based on their skills and qualifications rather than personal information. This ensures that the hiring process is fair and objective, allowing candidates to be evaluated solely based on their merits.

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