Non-Binary & Transgender Inclusion

From recruitment to everyday communication at work



What you will learn from the webcast​

Watch this insightful webcast on the impact of biases on non-binary and transgender individuals in the workplace. Our expert speakers, Anna Volby (She/Her), Emil Novák-Tót (He/Him), and Pil Byriel (She/Her), provides a comprehensive overview of key terms such as transgender, non-binary, explicit discrimination, microaggressions, and unconscious bias. 

They delve into the impact of unconscious bias on recruitment and how it can result in the exclusion of non-binary and transgender candidates. 

They examine how biased communication and language can contribute to a company culture that excludes non-binary and transgender employees. 

Using real-life examples, they discuss how unconscious bias can become microaggressions and how it can manifest in differentiating non-binary employees and transgender men and women. 

Finally, they discuss how biases can lead to the creation of company structures and processes that systematically exclude non-binary and transgender employees. This webcast is a must-attend for anyone interested in creating an inclusive workplace for all individuals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from our expert speakers and gain insights into creating a more diverse and welcoming workplace.


Anna Volby (She/Her), Founder & CEO, We Exist

Anna is the Founder of We Exist, which helps companies improve their ability to attract, recruit and retain their staff with the help of increased inclusion and equality. She has a desire to create change and solve different situations in society. 

Emil Novák-Tót (He/Him), Head of Research, Develop Diverse

Emil is the Head of Research at Develop Diverse. He has been part of Develop Diverse from the beginning and has been key in the science behind Develop Diverse’s inclusive writing software. He’s an expert on unconscious bias and how to overcome it. He has a people-first mindset. 

“The radical notion that employees are people before they are employees is my north star in all my work done at the overlaps of research, social impact, product and strategy.”

Pil Byriel (She/Her), Co-Founder & CCO, Develop Diverse

Pil is the Co-Founder and CCO of Develop Diverse. Pil advises companies and organizations on diversity and inclusion, as well as unconscious bias. She also advises the network ‘International Women-in-Tech’ on D&I. Before Develop Diverse, she worked with employee engagement at Peakon. 

Her mission is to create equal opportunities in the workplace and beyond through inclusive communication. She is a public speaker and has given countless talks and workshops about unconscious bias in recruitment and in the workplace. 

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