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Detailed walkthrough of the latest improvements and benefits for customers.

Tuesday 30th of January at 11:00 CET

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What you will learn from the webinar

In this webinar, our co-founder and CEO, Pil Byriel, will do a live demonstration of the improvements in the new release.

You will learn:

  • How you can speed up job ads creation and adjustments with automatic sentence rewrites
  • How you can reuse best practice job ads with the template library and lift general quality of ads
  • How you can get an even more relevant inclusion score by using corporate terminology
  • How you can speed up revisions and collaborations with team members and hiring managers


Pil Byriel (She/Her), Co-Founder & CEO, Develop Diverse

Pil is the Co-Founder and CEO of Develop Diverse. Pil advises companies and organizations on diversity and inclusion, as well as unconscious bias. She also advises the network ‘International Women-in-Tech’ on D&I. Before Develop Diverse, she worked with employee engagement at Peakon. 

Her mission is to create equal opportunities in the workplace and beyond through inclusive communicationShe is a public speaker and has given countless talks and workshops about unconscious bias in recruitment and in the workplace. 

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