Leveraging Intersectionality for Workplace Inclusion

From Awareness to Action



What you will learn from the webinar

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as we delve deep into the intricacies of intersectionality. Our esteemed guest, DEI Architect Toby Mildon, will be your guide as we unravel the multifaceted threads of identity that shape our lives.

Throughout this engaging webinar, we will delve into:

  1. Understanding Intersectionality: Join us as we examine the origins and significance of intersectionality. Discover how this concept, introduced by Kimberlé Crenshaw, illuminates the interconnected nature of our identities, providing fresh perspectives on our diverse experiences.
  2. Unpacking Privilege and Oppression: Confronting privilege and oppression is essential for fostering inclusivity. Together, we’ll explore these concepts within the context of intersectionality, gaining insights into how they influence our lives and interactions.
  3. Creating Change: Knowledge is the catalyst for dismantling systemic inequalities. Equipped with newfound understanding, we’ll explore actionable strategies for advocating change and creating an environment of inclusivity in both professional and personal spheres.

Join us on this thought-provoking exploration of intersectionality‘s impact on our lives. Together, let’s empower ourselves to create positive change and foster environments where every identity is not only recognized but celebrated.

Intersectionality, as championed by Kimberlé Crenshaw, recognizes the overlapping intersections of various identity aspects. These intersections shape our experiences, opportunities, and challenges in profound ways.


Toby Milden

Toby Milden (He/Him), Diversity & Inclusion Architect, Milden

Toby Mildon is a Diversity & Inclusion Architect and founder of Mildon, a consultancy and advisory business. Toby works with businesses to devise diversity and inclusion strategies, re-engineer processes and systems to minimise the impact of bias and build a culture of inclusion. Toby is the author of the Amazon bestselling book Inclusive Growth: futureproof your business by creating a diverse workplace. Prior to setting up his business, Toby worked as an in-house diversity and inclusion manager at the BBC and Deloitte.


Pil Byriel (She/Her), Co-Founder & CCO, Develop Diverse

Pil is the Co-Founder and CCO of Develop Diverse. Pil advises companies and organizations on diversity and inclusion, as well as unconscious bias. She also advises the network ‘International Women-in-Tech’ on D&I. Before Develop Diverse, she worked with employee engagement at Peakon. 

Her mission is to create equal opportunities in the workplace and beyond through inclusive communicationShe is a public speaker and has given countless talks and workshops about unconscious bias in recruitment and in the workplace. 

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