DEI Strategy in Action

Priorities, Implementation, & Impact of a Budget



What you will learn from the webcast​

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies, where we will explore key priorities, practical implementation, and a budget discussion. In today’s rapidly evolving world, organizations are recognizing the vital importance of creating a diverse and inclusive culture, not just as the right thing to do but also as the best thing to do. In this webinar, our expert panel will address the following topics:

Top 3 priorities

Discover the critical DEI priorities that organizations should focus on to drive positive change and create an inclusive workplace. We will delve into strategies for promoting diversity, addressing equity gaps, and cultivating an inclusive culture that empowers all employees.

How to go from theory to actionable practices

Understanding the theory behind DEI is essential but translating that theory into actionable practices is where the real impact lies. Our panelists will share practical insights and effective approaches to bridge the gap between theory and action. Learn how to develop measurable goals, set clear expectations, and create a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.

The Impact of a DEI Budget

Our expert panel will discuss how much impact the budget has when planning a DEI strategy. They will share their experiences with and without a DEI budget. When is a DEI budget necessary and when is it not?

If you are just getting started with your DEI strategy or you are looking to fine-tune your existing one, this webinar is for you! Don’t miss the chance to learn from experienced DEI practitioners and engage with your own questions in the conversation.


Kaveri Sinhji

Kaveri Sinhji (She/Her), Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion, Telia

Over Kaveri’s 25 years of professional experience, she has combined her passion for Culture and Communication to develop powerful strategies that will enable leaders to achieve sustainable business goals while keeping a clear commitment to impact beyond short-term monetary gains. Today, she is the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Telia, working closely with leaders within the company as well as industry peers, joining hands to raise the bar of DEI, find ways to boost belonging and retention and set ambitions for equality through equitable measures.

Karolina Clarke

Karolina Clarke (She/Her), Global Head of DEI & Culture, WSAudiology

Karolina Clarke is an experienced leader with a strong background in DEI, Culture, and strategic HR. Currently serving as the Global Head of DEI & Culture at WSAudiology, she leads efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusive culture by challenging outdated practices and introducing innovative strategies to foster a more welcoming and supportive work environment for all. Karolina’s leadership embodies a sincere dedication to uniting people and nurturing understanding, actively encouraging open dialogue and collaboration among leaders and colleagues, and emphasizing inclusivity for all perspectives.


Pil Byriel (She/Her), Co-Founder & CCO, Develop Diverse

Pil is the Co-Founder and CCO of Develop Diverse. Pil advises companies and organizations on diversity and inclusion, as well as unconscious bias. She also advises the network ‘International Women-in-Tech’ on D&I. Before Develop Diverse, she worked with employee engagement at Peakon. 

Her mission is to create equal opportunities in the workplace and beyond through inclusive communication. She is a public speaker and has given countless talks and workshops about unconscious bias in recruitment and in the workplace. 

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