How to attract diverse talent in competitive markets

attracting diverse talent

In today’s fast-paced environment for business, speed — and deep pockets — are often of the essence when it comes to hiring. And as the market for talent grows increasingly competitive, it’s becoming even harder to turn heads during the recruitment process. For organisations committed to their DEI goals, recruiting in this environment can be […]

The science behind unconscious bias: How it impacts diversity and inclusion

unconscious bias

Each day, we make around 35,000 decisions. Whether we’re making breakfast, mapping the best commute to work, or choosing a TV show to watch, our brains spend our waking hours busily weighing up which action to take. Lots of these decisions are conscious — but many happen automatically. We know immediately, for example, that it’s […]

5 common performance review mistakes HR leaders need to know that harm inclusion

Performance review

Performance reviews are often a long, daunting process for HR leaders and managers alike. But when they’re not implemented with the right structure and intention, they could harm your DEI efforts. Research consistently shows that some employee populations are more likely to experience unconscious bias during performance reviews — including women, people with physical disabilities, […]

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