Why Targeting Women Is Not Inclusion

Many companies are looking for ways to attract more women for positions in all levels of their organisations. Public and regulatory pressure is driving this change, which is putting higher demands on HR departments to make positive change for diversity and inclusion.  In their search for more female candidates, companies often resort to attract women […]

You Can Now Detect Unconscious Bias In Swedish Texts

We are happy to announce that companies can now scan their Swedish texts for bias with Wordkind.  Companies like Telia, COWI, Danske Bank, Elgiganten and Vestas are already using Wordkind to optimize job descriptions and other communications material in the English and Danish language and see great results of up to 3 times more applicants […]

How To Write Good Job Ads By Avoiding Corporate Clichés

Have you ever recycled an old job ad or found inspiration from other job descriptions out there in lack of time and inspiration? Join the club.  Job ads are one of the least evolved tools in recruiting. They are often filled with non-inclusive language, little creativity and corporate clichés that bore the reader.  At the […]

But Isn’t Inclusive Language Boring To Read?

To make job descriptions attractive to job seekers, companies use words such as ‘rockstar’, ‘ninja’, ‘team player’. At Wordkind, we experience that a common concern with inclusive writing is that it might be boring to read, because it replaces these types of flashy phrases with more inclusive alternatives. This blog post gives a short answer […]

Take The Gender Challenge – Now With Neutral Pronouns

On our About page we have a quick thought experiment challenging the visitor to take a moment and think about the preconceived gender biases they may have, using our CEO’s story as an example. We have received a message from the other side of the Globe concerning this thought experiment. As the writer of the […]

How To Be Disability Wise About Your Recruitment

Another Monday morning. Thomas is sitting in front of the computer like all other Mondays. Browsing web pages, searching for job posts and reading job ads. To his great dismay, there are rarely any job ads where he feels confident to send out a job application. “Reliable professional” with “flexible availability” who is “eager and […]

How To Create An Inclusive Workplace For Muslims During Ramadan

While Muslims celebrate multiple holy events throughout the year, Ramadan maintains its place as a very special month, where Muslims worldwide participate in the well-known event of fasting from dawn till dusk for 29-30 days.  From sunrise, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking – yes, that includes drinking water) in exchange for spiritual feeding (worship); […]