Why hiring for culture fit won’t help you build an inclusive company

Culture fit

As humans, we’re biologically programmed to like people that are most like us. It’s an unconscious shortcut our brain makes.  And it’s exactly the same in the hiring process. All too often, organisations unconsciously make hiring decisions that mean they pick the person that fits in best with their existing environment.  This is known as […]

How stereotypes harm inclusion at work


Right from a very early age, we’re all surrounded by stereotypes. Whether it’s a nurturing mother figure, a cartoon character, or the famous ‘draw a scientist’ experiment, these generalised beliefs about the world around us shape our worldview on a conscious and unconscious level.  We’ve often accepted them as just being part of how our […]

What is the new CSR Directive, and what does it mean for diversity, equity and inclusion?

As we’re now in 2023, many organisations across Europe are turning their attention to a looming deadline: The upcoming CSR Directive.  But it’s not just about checking in on how green your company is — it also has important implications for how organisations report on their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives — especially gender […]