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Develop Diverse is an inclusive writing platform that identifies and addresses bias and stereotypes in languages affecting various groups such as gender, age, ethnic minorities, physical disabilities, neurodiversity.

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DEIB Resources

  • Explore our upcoming webinar sessions and continue your DEIB journey with Develop Diverse. Our webinar series is designed to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge, insights, and tools they need to foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging.

  • Ageism? Bias? Learn more about it in our DEIB Dictionary


  • Find inspiration from our clients, including Danske BankVestas and Maersk Tankers, who have seen significant improvements in the diversity of their applicant pool and leadership team after successful software implementation.

  • Connect with us on LinkedIn, where we announce news and webinars.

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Why Develop Diverse?

  • Attracting a diverse pool of candidates is critical to building a more inclusive and innovative workforce. That’s where Develop Diverse comes in. Our software helps you craft non-biased job ads and 1:many communication materials and content – making your text content more inclusive, resulting in more applicants from diverse backgrounds.

  • Additionally, the software can spark internal discussions to raise awareness of biases and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.

  • Our software is based on years of research into the impact of language on diversity and inclusion, thus methodologically backed by sound, empirical evidence. 

Two bar charts. The chart on the left is the total number of applicants. The total number of applicants identified increased thrice (from 243 to 679). Male applicants number increased three times (from 166 to 468). Female applicants number increased three times (from 77 to 211). The chart on the right is the total number of qualified applicants. The total number of qualified applicants identified was increased three times (from 3 to 8). Qualified male applicants number was increased by 1.3 times (from 3 to 4). Qualified female applicants number went from 0 to 4.


Effects of using Develop Diverse from Amazon

    1. Words are not neutral, and we have unconscious emotional associations with terms. Develop Diverse helps you to overcome biases by analysing your job ads and suggesting an alternative, more inclusive language.
    2. By using Develop Diverse, you will gain valuable skills in inclusive communication as well as support DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) initiatives in your company.
    3. The software helps attract a more varied pool of applicants and create a more diverse workforce.

Any last tips for me?

  • Remember – working with your own, and others’, unconscious biases can be a complex process.
    Be patient, provide support and encouragement to your colleagues, and hopefully Develop Diverse can become an integral part of your work.
We look forward to supporting you in inclusive communication and are committed to helping you and your team succeed!
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