We have developed the first inclusive writing platform in Danish

We are beyond happy to release the first ever inclusive writing platform for stereotypic communication content in Danish language.  Customers will now be able to check their job descriptions and other external company communication material for non-inclusive language in Danish as well as in English. 

Diversity, equality and inclusion are Danish priorities as well 

In a fast-evolving international landscape, Denmark needs its own tools and ways to not be left behind when it comes to diversity, equality and inclusion: 

  • The gender gap in pay and working hours persist.  
  • Denmark is behind its Scandinavian peers when it comes to positive female role models in leadership. 
  • Significantly less women than men with a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Match (STEM) fields up working in the private sector, which leads to a talent shortage in STEM fields in Denmark. 
  • Only one in every 50 women in STEM jobs advance to a management position (fig. 1). 
  • Retention and advancement for women in academia is an issue as well – while 40% of all PhD candidates in natural sciences are women, only 13% ever advance to become professors. 
Fig. 1: Bridging the talent gap in DK: only one in every 50 women in STEM jobs advance to a management position in DK

For more details, check out Bridging the talent Gap in Denmark by the McKinsey & Company and the Innovation Fund Denmark. 

A potential and powerful solution to these issues is to reduce bias in recruitment and promote inclusive workspaces that are welcoming to diverse talent. This way, organisations and companies can empower the advancement of experts from underrepresented backgrounds, while providing positive role models for further development. 

Standing on the shoulders of academic researchers 

Our extensive research has helped us build our software solution for English language to make job descriptions and other external communication content inclusive. With this software we have empowered companies in more than 35 countries across 5 continents to attract more candidates, a more diverse candidate pool, employ more women in leadership positions and close the gender gap in their recruitment. We have set out to develop our software in Danish leaning on our experience and knowledge that have allowed us to achieve these amazing results with inclusive language in English. 

In order to address the obstacles in creating inclusive spaces in public and private companies, as well as academia, we have developed our solution specifically for Danish organisations. It is essential for us to do this keeping both the culture and the language in mind, which is why we have built our approach on both successful academic efforts before us, as well as conducting our own research.  

Our own controlled study 

Our own study involving Danish job ads and Danish speaking participants shows that the use of male-stereotypic language has negative effects on potential applicants:  

  • It makes the workplace seem less attractive to everyone (fig. 2). 
  • It decreases potential candidates’ feeling of belonging. 
  • People identify their and the organisation’s values to be different. 

Although, we have observed a tendency for women to be more discouraged by stereotypically male language than men, our findings have shown that potential applicants are discouraged by non-inclusive language regardless of gender.  

Fig. 2: Develop Diverse study: workplace attractiveness is 25% higher when using inclusive language than when using male-like language

(This study has been conducted in collaboration with Epinion, and the details of our study  will be released later in 2021.) 

Our customers’ success 

As an example, TDC Group has seen a considerable improvement in the gender diversity of the candidates applying to a job after using the Develop Diverse t software to make their Danish job descriptions more inclusive. As a result, they saw a 73% increase in female applicants after replacing stereotypic phrases with inclusive alternatives provided by Develop Diverse (fig. 3).  

Fig. 3: TDC pilot with Develop Diverse: when TDC made their job ads inclusive using Develop Diverse, they got 73% higher number of female applicants

As a Danish headquartered company, we are looking forward to supporting companies with a strong bond to the Danish language going forward. It’s important for us to be the local partner for all companies with a vision for working with inclusive communication in job descriptions, and beyond, to create equal opportunities in the workplace.  

Want to see it for yourself? Sign up for a FREE trial of Develop Diverse HERE 

Want to know more about why inclusive language is important? Watch the TEDx talk by our CEO, Jenifer Clausell-Tormos HERE 


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