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Our technology

What is DD-Scan?

Our tool, the DD-scan is an AI-based software tool that promotes inclusive writing that will enable you to reach a wider and more diverse talent pool. The DD-scan detects and colour-highlights implicitly and explicitly stereotypic language in your texts and suggests neutral alternatives in real-time. This way, you will recruit more talented candidates regardless of gender, ethnicity or age, and save time on your recruitment. DD-scan's intuitive interface and the scoring system makes it easy for you to follow up on correcting stereotypic language in your ads, that you can then benchmark across your industry. Our interface supports colour-blind users as well.

  • Detect implicit & explicit stereotypes
  • Suggest non-stereotypical alternatives
  • Relies on AI & psycholinguistic research framework
  • Intuitive interface
  • Interface supporting color-blind users
  • Analyzes recruitment and communication content

How it works

1. Paste your text

2. Replace stereotypic content

3. Share with colleague(s)

4. Approve the changes

5. Download your text


DD Certificate

Proudly display your involvement in more inclusive hiring and greater diversity at your company

Analysis Reports

Get an overview of the stereotypes in your ads and the improvement over time


Learn research-based Diversity and Inclusion practices (D&I) and integrate them in your business


Get premium reporting in regard to your recruitment and benchmark it across your industry

Our Expertise

Our CEO is an enthusiastic specialist in novel methodologies and tech approaches addressing implicit and explicit bias in the workplace. See her TED talk for getting to know her. She can help you improve further your company branding and culture towards Diversity and Inclusion through consultancy, workshops and talks.



Get the right knowledge to further improve your company branding towards Diversity and Inclusion and learn how to get candidates that share your company vision and values.

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Learn research-based Diversity and Inclusion practices and integrate them in your business.

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Get inspirational and research-based talks to inspire your employees or audience towards Diversity and Inclusion.
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What is the Science behind DD-scan?

Scientific studies have proven that the use of stereotypic language when writing job ads is common practice, and this clearly has a psychological effect on potential applicants. Such language makes these job ads biased towards specific demographic groups, discouraging other groups from applying and this effect can reduce the applicant pool by as much as 50%. As these stereotypes are embedded in our written and spoken language, detecting and replacing it takes much more than just a glance at a short list of words to avoid or even a weekend’s training. Our technology was developed to make sure that job ads appeal to everyone who is qualified instead of just a select few, thus giving companies the opportunity to enrich their teams with the ideal candidates and to onboard a greater diversity of voices. We at Develop Diverse use peer-reviewed theory, psycholinguistic methodology, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies to detect and replace current stereotypical language you use in your texts without realising.

Do you have an implicit bias? - Take the Harvard test and find out!

If you don’t know what implicit bias is, or you don’t know if you have it- We invite you to check it out in the implicit bias test done by

Harvard University: Click Here

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Build an inclusive culture through inclusive communication!