How Vestas makes their job ads more inclusive with Develop Diverse

“Develop Diverse is not only enabling us to attract a diverse pool of candidates, but it has also been a great tool to use to kickstart the conversation with hiring managers about our language and how we become more inclusive as an organisation.” – Lise Linnebjerg, VP Global of Talent Management at Vestas.

As a part of the corporate strategy, Vestas, a global renewable energy leader, has set a goal to be 25% women in corporate leadership positions by 2025. To achieve this goal, Vestas looked for solutions that could enable them to attract a more diverse talent pool.

With Develop Diverse, Vestas can now scan their job ads for bias and write more inclusive job ads. Together with other initiatives to attract more women, Vestas saw that they could hire 50% more women. Removing biased language with Develop Diverse played a role in achieving this result.   

Going beyond gender

Today, Vestas has around 29,000 employees and a presence in 85 countries. They are looking for ways to create more diversity across the entire organisation:

“Our first step has been to focus on getting more women in our corporate leadership positions. But diversity is much more than gender, so our next step is to introduce more dimensions of diversity. We plan to implement one new topic to our D&I strategy each year,” says Lise Linnebjerg, VP of Global Talent Management at Vestas.

With Develop Diverse, Vestas is already being more inclusive to a more diverse pool of candidates – not just women. When using the software for their job ads and Employer Branding materials, they make sure that their job ads are inclusive to people of all ages, with disabilities, different ethnicities, and neurodiversity. 

Using Develop Diverse works as ongoing bias-training

“We quickly saw an impact when we used Develop Diverse. We therefore decided to use Develop Diverse for all job ads for Corporate Leadership Positions in all regions.” 

At Vestas, all recruiters are being measured monthly to ensure they scan all job ads. It is “now a part of the standard process,” Lise says. Today, it enables Vestas with training their Talent Acquisition team to become more aware of their biases:

“Every time we run a job ad through Develop Diverse, we become better at writing inclusively. We see the biased words being highlighted repeatedly, and over time we are becoming better at avoiding using those words.”

Using Develop Diverse has also been a great resource to start talking more tangibly about D&I in Vestas:  

“Develop Diverse has been a useful tool to start the D&I conversation with hiring managers. It has given us concrete examples of how we may become even more inclusive than we are today.”

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