Develop Diverse is one of the best impact startups in the Nordics

We just got this inspiring news from the Norrsken Foundation, a Swedish impact investor:

“Develop Diverse is within #theimpact100. That means you’re one of the best Nordic Impact Startups, building a business to solve societal and environmental problems!
In other words, what you are doing is pretty amazing and something that we want to celebrate and share with as many as possible.”

The Norrsken Foundation has prepared a personal drum solo to celebrate us and our work – thank you!

Develop Diverse

We are continuously working on making the field of hiring a more equal landscape for everyone. We achieve this by helping companies attract the right talent by creating more inclusion for people of all genders regardless of age, skin colour, disabilities or where they come from. Our key to achieving this? Change the language, change the mentality, change society.

The Norrsken Foundation acknowledging and celebrating our work this way fills us with even more determination and energy to make workplaces a more inclusive environment for everyone!

Join us on our journey and try our tool with the new improved engine for free for 14 days here!


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