My TED talk

My personal life and career have been developing greatly, especially in the past two years when I decided to start the entrepreneur journey to make a difference and live the life I wanted. The lesson that helped me the most during this journey was the one taught to me by my mentor Hans. He helped me realize the enormous importance of being authentic, of being myself. This has indeed helped me to be the best version of myself every day since.

Being a TED speaker has been one of my biggest dreams since the very first TED talk I watched. I genuinely enjoy teaching new knowledge and inspiring people. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to be a TED speaker to talk about my journey of becoming a founder, my passion and my company. I hope you enjoy my talk as much as I did that day.

Have you ever imagined that you could have a spell-check for social stereotypes instead of one for grammar? Have you ever wondered if the words you write unconsciously affect your readers negatively? These readers can be your colleagues, current or future employees and even customers. While this can be true, fortunately, we have developed a tool that can help you check for social stereotypes in your written language and help you avoid communicating with the wrong words. Watch the talk for more details and  check out our product page afterwards!

Build an inclusive culture through inclusive communication!