Where you can meet us in February

Are you interested in hearing from our CEO herself about the technology we use or what we can do for individuals, business and society at large? We’re here to share a quick update with you to let you know where you can meet us this month.

AI Applied – February 7

You still have a chance to grab a ticket for the AI Applied event on the 7th of February! Stay up-to-date about the practical applications of AI as used by the government and companies, and meet with both motivated and enthusiastic start-ups and the most seasoned, well-established companies in the field. Want to find out what IBM and Maersk experts have to say about the applications of AI? Want to listen to how the latest technology is used by newcomers? Come, have a seat with us and find out the answers for yourself.

For more information and to reserve your tickets, follow this link.

AIESEC HR Networking – February 28

If you want to meet fellow professionals in HR and participate in discussions both in smaller and in larger groups, I’m happy to present you the HR Networking event on the 28th of February focusing on Inclusive Action and International Talent Retention. Join us for a lively conversation between specialists and those interested. Share your knowledge and experiences and make new connections with like-minded professionals.

For more details and free early bird tickets, check out the event page!

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